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Catering Menu

Caboose Family Packs (Feeds 4-6 people)

#1 $40 Ultimate Fajita Pack

4 setups of beans, rice, and papas
Beef, chicken, shrimp, and rib fajitas
1 dozen tortillas

#2 $35 West Texas Combo

Any four West Texas Combo Meals
Any four sides
Four salads w/ dressing

#3 $25 Family style Mexican combo

8 Mexican combination items
3 sides, feeds 4-6
Tortillas upon request

#4 $35 Zingers and Wings

Your choice of zingers or wings
Choice of sauces on the side
Fries feeds 4-6

HBBQ, Jalapeno HBBQ, Tabasco, Garlic Parmasean, Sweet Chili, Honey Sriacha

During this period we are offering all food for Caboose employees and their families at 50% off.


Choo Choo!